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Dec 18, 2019
planet zorg
This is an ENGLISH only forum. Please post/reply in English only.

Everything on our website "" is free.

All Members are allowed to download our 15 resources per day.
You must click "like" on the resource to download it.

We encourage all members to share content with our website, so that all of our members can get new updated material everyday. We ask that all new members be active in our forums. If you came here just to download our resources, we will more then likely remove your account. We want active members.

Do not post our resources on other "LEAKS" websites, if your caught doing this, your account will be banned.

Do not create more then one account on XFLEAKS.COM, if you do ALL accounts will be banned. We only allow ONE account per user.

Please introduce yourself to our forums, Tell us about yourself.

If you upload something to, do not include any links to any other websites.

If you have something we do not, please share it with our forums.

Many times I am asked why is free, and here is my answer... is free, because we as STAFF are tired of xenforo leaks websites charging people real money for items they them selves got for free.
So we took the next step and made everything on our website free. Please enjoy our resources for free.

Rules are subject to change at any time.
Not open for further replies.